Before you embark on your journey home, dig two graves.
Your supervisor if you work at a cemetery, probably.

Deeper than Beauty

I’ve been a Sloan fan since I first heard ‘Underwhelmed’, their failed attempt at being My Bloody Valentine. Everyone was failing to be My Bloody Valentine back then and I fucking loved it.

The new LP ‘Commonwealth’ has started me on a bit of a jaunt of listening back through all the music they’ve made over the past couple of decades. I remember the reason why I loved each record, and it was almost always the power-pop tracks that really hooked me. Money City Maniacs, So Beyond Me, Take Good Care of The Poor Boy, G Turns to D, Penpals. All those tracks are great get-in-my-car-and-roll-down-the-windows-and-just-fucking-drive songs.

But they’re not the songs I find myself singing weeks later, and the songs I keep hitting repeat on in my car these days.

It’s the simpler, sweeter tracks that I come back to time and time again. Stand by Me Yeah, Deeper Than Beauty, Coax Me, People of the Sky, Someone I can be true with, Rest of my life. Those tracks. They’re the ones that really gave all those records something ineffable.

And leitmotifs. Leitmotifs and callbacks to previous records? Insane.

Anyway, listen to Sloan, Jolene.

Fuck yes I told my iPhone to call me Wagon Mouse.

Someone called me that in a dream and now it’s my name and also the name of my extremely sincere hair metal slash fleet foxes style rock band.

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