Who needs a unifying theme anyway?

I also do Stuff My Girlfriend Says which is a lot funnier than this. Mostly because my girlfriend is funnier than me.

Of course, she published my correspondence and evidence of my ego-surf and reminded me that she wanted me to “die”. Long story short, she’s a really nice lady I’ve met in real life. She sells naturally coloured yarn on Etsy and likes Shoegaze and feminism. I think she is a vegan.
Helen Razer on trolls and Twitter | Crikey

Old people like live music too you know.

Tonight, Rocket from The Crypt, probably followed by Eagles of Death Metal (if I can be bothered staying).

Next week, Public Enemy.

That weekend, Golden Plains, where I’m really jazzed to see Neko Case, You am I, Public Enemy (again), Yo La Tengo, The Drones, Adalita, Chet Faker, Cosmic Psychos and Haitus Kaiyote. I’ll see other stuff too, but that’s the real list for me.

Hearing, it’s been nice knowing you.

There ought to be a word.

I wake up most nights around 3am. It’s time to take some pills.

I get back to sleep maybe half the time. Other times, I’m awake until morning.

But sometimes, I’m awake until the first tram rumbles by at around 5.30 am, and then I get another beautiful hour or maybe two of sweet sweet sleep.

That extra hour needs a name.

By September the book was going well – 30,000 words done. A Christmas deadline loomed. I was writing a chapter on the NSA’s close, and largely hidden, relationship with Silicon Valley. I wrote that Snowden’s revelations had damaged US tech companies and their bottom line. Something odd happened. The paragraph I had just written began to self-delete. The cursor moved rapidly from the left, gobbling text. I watched my words vanish. When I tried to close my OpenOffice file the keyboard began flashing and bleeping.
Writing The Snowden Files: ‘The paragraph began to self-delete’ | Books | The Guardian
Once you open a concentration camp on a far-flung island, you better be willing to go all the way with it. Since a concentration camp reduces any inmate to nothing, to a mere unit, sooner or later people will reclaim their humanity by resisting, on any terms. At that point, you can either respond with absolute ruthless force, or you’ve already started to lose. The camp is the starting point of a process whose end is extermination, either exemplary or mass. If you’re not prepared to go that far, then, when you started it, you weren’t being serious at all.
Manus Island protest: Guy Rundle on asylum seeker policy | Crikey
Patrons are welcome to pass on their ticket if they wish to, preferably via our ticket re-sale service, as long as they do not do so for profit or gain. In other words, if you bought a ticket and can no longer attend, you are very welcome to pass that ticket onto a friend, as long as you do not sell it for more than face value. If you bought it for say $319 plus $10 booking fee, you can on-sell it for $329. Please don’t let a ticket get into the hands of a Dickhead.

Buying Or Selling Your Ticket · Golden Plains Music Festival 8


Well you guys are awesome. It looks like what I’m describing is called Thermal Allodynia (thanks Cindy!).

Oati sent me this link that seems to explain how it ‘works’.

A little help?

Did you ever get in from very cold weather and jump into a hot shower? Your nerves all freak out and it’s as though you can’t tell what is hot and what is cold, and you worry that you’re going to burn yourself.

That sensation, of nerves just all yelling and not registering properly –– does that have a name?

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