1. erinmargrethe reblogged this from indefensible and added:
    I actually had to ask him this morning if this outfit said, “I take dolphin genocide seriously”.
  2. killaguhrilla said: DAPPER. AS. FUCK!
  3. tymethiefslongerthoughts said: The face is fine but the outfit is a tad… Bright.
  4. monkeyfrog said: Are you a slightly snide Englishman with sketchy intentions?
  5. rsmallbone said: Air Traffic Controller, 1976
  6. merlin said: My GOD, you’re handsome.
  7. xntrek said: Clown Floate Designs, where we put ol’ time values in our service and design!
  8. squibble said: You look like you should be in parliament! Not funkadelic though. Regular law type parliament. And probably in 1972.